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With LeadScoreApp, you collect all the digital footprints your leads and customers put online. You can see everything they have looked at on the website and when.

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Through our core lead scoring and lead tracking tools, we give you an overview of what your leads want and when they want them. The result is a list of purchase-ready leads and customers who are ready to talk to sales.

Through our core lead scoring and lead tracking tools, we give you an overview of what your leads want and when they want it.

The result is a list of purchase-ready leads and customers who are ready to talk to sales.

Today, 80% of purchase decisions have moved to websites where buyers read about the pros/cons of products, delve into specifications and look at user reviews.

By monitoring which pages and types of content a lead reads on the website you can get an indication of how close a lead is to purchase.

The digital footprint gives you valuable insights about your audience.

  • What do they find interesting?
  • What do they do on your website?
  • How close are they to purchases?
  • How active are they on your website?

This is just some of the information their footprint can tell you something about.

Website tracking and lead scoring


Find hot leads, ready to buy – but lack a final push.

Focus sellers

Help salespeople focus their time on leads where they get a sale more easily

Smarter marketing

Target messages automatically to cold and hot leads.

Put your lead generation and lead nurturing on autopilot

Customer Journey

Track yours leads' customer journey and be able to deliver perfect personalized marketing. With LeadScoreApp's Customer Journey feature, you win the digital customer journey.

Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Increase the ROI on your marketing efforts with our marketing automation tool. Send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time.


LeadScoreApp is a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers. LeadScoreApp CRM makes sales and service more efficient.

Get automatic warm, ready-to-sell leads served every day

With LeadScoreApp, you can nurture your customers and leads
individually, and over time and builds knowledge, trust and

Online CRM tracking
facebook retargeting

Facebook Retargeting

LeadScoreApp allows you to integrate directly with Facebook, so that you can start retargeting on Facebook based on a lead's behavior.

Close sales with LeadScoring

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.
Lead scoring
online crm

Optimize sales processes

Close your sales faster by identifying leads that just need the final push. See if leads have opened your emails or downloaded your files. Build sales processes, automate tasks, and track your performance.

Behavioural profiling

Every click on your website reveals something about what your customer cares about. Use LeadScoreApp's profiling feature to segment leads by your products, audiences, or purchase behavior.
lead tracking shows which pages a lead has visited
LeadScoreapp system for lead generation and marketing automation

The full overview of lead data

  • Easy-to-use system
  • Follow up on customers who care about a particular product
  • See the lead's interactions and page views
  • See when the lead opens and clicks in your email messages
  • Qualify multiple opportunities for sale

Lead Generation Blog

Learn how to streamline your sales using lead scoring, and keep your salespeople focused on the best leads. View the customer's lead scoring behavior.

Fill your pipeline with a daily list of qualified companies. With prospects, you can see which companies are visiting your website and which pages they are reading.

Get the ultimate 2019 lead generation guide. Learn about techniques like tracking, scoring and automation to create new leads – automatically

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