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"Our vision is to push the boundaries of intelligent and automated sales and marketing"

About LeadScoreApp

Through many years of working with online marketing, we have seen that many companies have difficulty getting enough leads to work with. At the same time, they have a website with visits from potential customers. But they can't see who's visiting the website, and harness the potential of the website to create more leads and focus sales on hot leads.

Today, LeadScoreApp is a fast and powerful tool for generating leads online. Our approach to lead generation is a showdown with classic lead generation "as an action on the website". We have found that lead generation as a process is much more efficient and productive. 

We therefore focus on four tasks:

  • Collecting leads from the website
  • Qualifying leads with a points system on the website
  • Keep track of where a lead is in the buying process
  • Move opportunities through the buying process towards a sale with automatic e-mail campaigns

Our milestones

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