Marketing Automation puts marketing on autopilot

Targeted and personalized marketing, to the right recipient, at just the right time – completely automatically. 

Sæt din markedsføring på autopilot - med marketing automation

Marketing automation is a method that allows you to do targeted and personalized marketing completely automatically.
By collecting data about your subscribers' behavior, you can set up an automatic mail flow based on your subscriber behavior on your website.

With marketing automation, you can thereby create personal and valuable marketing on a massive scale – completely automatically.

For example, if a subscriber has visited your website and seen five pages of vacations to Egypt, a marketing automation system will automatically send an email to them with, for example, an offer for Egypt.

Therefore, with marketing automation, you avoid sending irrelevant emails to your readers.
In addition, you can monitor each subscribers' behavior and see how hot they are and send an offer exactly when they're ready!


Use digital footprints to create real-time segmentation by interests


Use data to personalize email with targeted content and call-to-actions


Send the right message at the right time to the right recipient

Marketing automation tools

Lead Tracking

With LeadScoreApp, you can track your leads' digital footprint. See which pages your leads visit, whether they read your emails, and whether they download your files. Lead tracking gives you insight into your leads activity on the website and interest in your projects.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring gives you an overview of your hot leads. LeadScoreApp tracks your leads' digital footprint on your website, reads their buying signals, and calculates priority lists of hot leads - which you can make into new customers.

Marketing automation

Email Automation

Increase the ROI on your marketing efforts with our marketing automation tool. Send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time in the right channel. All that is possible, completely automatic with Marketing Automation.

Cross-channel marketing automation

Social media

Create targeted audiences on your social media with audiences based on scores and location in the customer journey.

Personal emails

Send personal and targeted emails to your customers that match their buying behavior on your website.


Use SMS as part of your marketing strategy and make sure you stay top-of-mind with your customer.

Lead scoring addon

Close sales with lead scoring

Investigate any user and any action they have taken in real-time with a full timeline of all page views. 

See who visits important conversion pages, leaves a basket, searches for products, opens emails, interacts with other marketing channels, and when they recently visited the website. 

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

How does marketing automation work?

LeadScoreApp is anything but complex: in just 15 minutes, your system can be ready to run.

Marketing automation works by tracking visitors to your website.

Tracking starts when a reader signs up for your newsletter and clicks on a link in the letter. A cookie is then created to enable tracking of behaviour.

You will gain insight into which pages they have visited and for how long. You'll also get an insight into which emails they've opened and even know how many times they've opened the email.

By collecting behavioral data from your readers, you can therefore use it as fuel in marketing automation.

LeadScoreApp collects all the data it can, whether your readers through tracking and then segments and profiles them automatically.

The system will therefore detect the buying signals, interests and trends of each reader. After that, LeadScoreApp will automatically nurture your readers and turn them into leads and eventually to customers.

marketing automation figure (2)

Marketing Automation converts multiple leads

Use Marketing Automation to communicate with just the right leads at the right time, so each lead receives a newsletter based on what they've been looking at inside the website or how far they are in their own buying process. This warms up well during your leads, so they can turn into ready-to-buy leads.

This saves you time in your conversion process and leverages your website's full sales potential, while ensuring that all your leads receive the right information at the right time automatically. Your inbound marketing efforts will therefore be much more concrete and effective!
facebook retargeting

Facebook Retargeting

LeadScoreApp allows you to work closely with Facebook to enable you to start retargeting on Facebook based on a lead's behavior.

Marketing in Customer Journey

Up to 90% of the leads you generate through inbound marketing are not ready to be called by a seller or make a purchase. They are still at an early stage in the customer journey and must first mature and qualify before they are ready for that kind of dialogue.

the digital customer journey
Lead scoring and lead tracking

Track digital footprint

Get tracking on how leads use your website. See which pages they read, what emails they open and which files they download.

Behavioural profiling

Every click on your website reveals something about what your customer finds interesting. Use LeadScoreApp's profiling feature to segment leads by your products, audiences, or their buying behavior.
Lead scoring and profiling
Lead tracking determines how hot an escape item is

Close sales with perfect timing

Close the sale with perfectly timed emails with our lead scoring feature. Lead scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

Automatic e-mail automation CRM

Gains from LeadScoreApp:

  • Personalize the marketing messages for the right leads at the right time
  • Save time sending newsletters when it can be automated
  • Create a better experience for users who guide them further in the buying process

Lead Generation Blog

Marketing automation, allows you to send the right content, to the right leads, at just the right time.

Within the travel industry, the customer's interests vary all the time. The solution is automatic marketing, personal marketing to the right recipient. 

A revolution is coming! – Marketing Automation is the digital tool of the future. Take advantage of the opportunities and stay up to date on your competitors.

Let's turn your ideas into reality!

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