Lead Scoring optimizes
your sales processes

LeadScoreApp tracks your leads'digital footprint on your website, reads their buying signals, and calculates priority lists of hot leads.

With Lead Scoring You Don't Waste Time On Cold Leads

Lead scoring is today a popular tool, used by many B2B companies and this is not without reason because with lead scoring you can make your sales processes much easier and more targeted.

LeadScoreApp automatically nurtures all leads, so you only need to focus on leads that have a greater chance of becoming customers.

Based on their lead score, they will be automatically divided into different segments of LeadScoreApp and then targeted marketing will be sent based on segmentation.

Lead scoring allows you to prioritize your sales efforts by prioritizing opportunities by a point scale.

LeadScoreApp gives you an overview of all your leads, and from this shows you which leads are hot and which are cold.

Each page view can score points; for example, call to action pages give 10 points, product pages give 5 points, and if the lead reads emails it gives 3 points.

Lead Scoring Gives Bottom Line Growth

The results of lead scoring can be also seen on the bottom line.

% higher closing rate
% greater customer loyalty
% higher conversion rate

Optimize your sales processes

Lead scoring based on Lead tracking

Lead tracking

LeadScoreApp tracks a lead's interaction with the website, making it possible to collect indispensable insights.

Lead Scoring

Points are given to a lead, depending on which pages they visit. For example, a visit to the front page can give 1 point, and 5 points on another.

Marketing automation


LeadScoreApp sends relevant marketing to a lead, depending on what information a given lead has looked at.

Dynamic segmentation

Lead generation

See which leads visit your website and convert them to customers.

Exports to CSV

Find leads and download all the information you want about them to CSV.


Convert more of your website leads to new customers and increase your customer database.

Behaviour profiling

Every click on your website reveals something about what your customers' cares. Use LeadScoreApp's profiling feature to segment leads by your products, audiences, or buying behavior.

Lead scoring and profiling
Lead scoring and lead tracking

See which pages your leads visit

Close your sales faster by identifying leads that just need the final push. See if leads have opened your emails or downloaded your files. Build sales processes, automate tasks, and track your performance.

Close sales with lead scoring

Close sales faster with our lead scoring feature, which is a points system integrated into our online CRM system. Lead scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

Lead scoring
Automatic e-mail automation CRM

Benefits from lead generation & lead scoring:

  • Get purchase signals in the contact database visible through the website
  • Gain insight into which leads are in the market (hot-leads)
  • Decode which products your leads find interesting
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and add-ons to existing customers via the website
  • Identify and respond to the best leads
  • Target the right message for the right leads at the right time
  • Plan the sales follow-up to maximise business success with customer leads

Lead Generation Blog

Learn how to streamline your sales using lead scoring, and keep your salespeople focused on the best leads. View the customer's lead scoring behavior.

With lead scoring, it is possible to focus on the leads where there is the most chance of closing a sale. You'll save time and increase your conversion rate. 

Turbocharge lead generation and see the purchase signals left on your website. Read more about how, by clicking here. 

Få Flere Leads Med Leadgenerering og Lead Scoring

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