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Lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, CRM and marketing automation in a system.

Hvorfor en Inbound Marketing strategi

Today, customers have all the information imaginable at their fingertips in the form of their smartphone, tablet or PC.

This allows them to get all the information they want about companies and products that they might be interested in.

This means that the effect of traditional marketing is no longer as great as it has been in the past. Today, it is the customers who have the power.

This means that today you will have to take a new look at online marketing – it is not necessarily you who will seek out the customer, but very much the customer who is looking for you.

An inbound marketing strategy focuses on creating quality content that actually interests customers enough that they read and get value from it. The content needs to be designed to educate customers to choose your business and product over that of your competitor. 

Lead generation

Find hot leads, ready to buy – but lack a final push.

Marketing Automation

Create automatic marketing that fits your leads.

Focus sales

Help salespeople focus their time on leads where they get a sale more easily

Inbound Marketing Tools in LeadScoreApp


Automatically collect leads from a form on the website and put them into a workflow with emails and follow-up. Get the big picture of all your leads and how far they are in a marketing flow – and how close they are to a buying decision.

Lead scoring based on Lead tracking

Lead Tracking

With LeadScoreApp, you can track your leads' digital footprint. See which pages your leads visit, whether they read your emails, and whether they download your files. Lead tracking gives you insight into your leads activity on the website and interest in your projects.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring gives you an overview of your hot leads. LeadScoreApp tracks your leads' digital footprint on your website, reads their buying signals, and calculates priority lists of hot leads - which you can make into new customers.

Marketing Automation

Send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time. Use customer travel and dynamic segments to send relevant and personalized emails.


LeadScoreApp is a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers. LeadScoreApp CRM makes sales and service more efficient.

Marketing automation

Social media audience

Create targeted campaigns on social media with audiences from LeadScoreApp. Audiences are automatically updated according to the customer journey and a lead's interaction on the website

Marketing Automation converts multiple leads

Use Marketing Automation to communicate with just the right leads at the right time, so each lead receives a newsletter based on what they've been looking at inside the website or how far they are in their own buying process. This warms up well during your leads, so they can turn into ready-to-buy leads.

This saves you time in your conversion process and leverages your website's full sales potential, while ensuring that all your leads receive the right information at the right time automatically. Your inbound marketing efforts will therefore be much more concrete and effective!
Customer Journey Tracking with LeadScoreApp

Understand Customer Journey

Gain a deep understanding of customers' buying processes and where there are bottlenecks to a meeting with your company. Look for how customers' interest in your business starts. Tip – it's not your products, it's a customer need. You should end up with all the steps that customers go through from the first meeting to becoming a loyal customer. 

Konvertere trafik til leads

Customers aren't ready to buy right away. They come to find a solution to their problem, so your product doesn't interest them – yet. Therefore, have them leave an email so they can get more relevant content targeted to their needs.

leadtracking graphics
Lead scoring and profiling

Create marketing according to customer behavior

Every click on the website is a signal of customer needs and what motivates them to buy. By analyzing the customer's behaviour on the website, the purchase motivators can be calculated. Likewise, a customer interest profile can be worked out and used for segmentation and targeting of content.

Automate and target newsletters

Here we join the dots. The customer's location in the "customer journey", their purchase motivation and interest profile. An algorithm ensures that customers are continuously processed with targeted emails – with the right message, at the right time.

online crm

Boost your pipeline with qualified leads

All clicks on the website are buying signals. When leads visit the company's website they leave behind the clues that our algorithm uses to calculate a priority list of hot leads. You can get this list by email every day or integrate with your CRM.

Lead scoring addon

Close sales with lead scoring

Investigate any user and any action they have taken in real-time with a full timeline of all page views. 

See who visits important conversion pages, leaves a basket, searches for products, opens emails, interacts with other marketing channels, and when they recently visited the website. 

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

LeadScoreApp CRM, lead scoring and marketing automation

Inbound Marketing with LeadScoreApp

  • With Marketing Automation, you can nurture your leads
  • Track your lead's behaviour and thereby send relevant marketing to them
  • Use Customer Journey to do marketing depending on where you are in the decision-making process
  • Create relevant and personal content, with all the information that LeadScoreApp collects

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Contact your customers at just the right time, when they are closest to making a purchase decision.