Leadgenerering! Sådan fylder du din salgspipeline med varme leads ...

Her får du en online platform til B2B leadgenerering. Samt en sikker opskrift på at få flere leads og mere salg. De første 100 leads er gratis og helt uforpligtende. 

B2B lead generation and automatic lead nurturing

Leadgenereringer er en proces, der sikre en konstant strøm af nye kvalificerede leads til salgsafdelingen. 

Et lead er en potentiel kunde. Men der er forskellige grader af købsprathed, og hvilke indsatser der skal iværksættes.

Marketing Qualified Leads are leads that have shown an interest in your business and are ready to receive marketing.
Qualified Sales Leads are leads that are warmed-up and are ready to be contacted by Sales.

Read more about all the concepts for lead generation here.

En platform til leadgenerering

Here you get the tools for sales and marketing to take advantage of the digital footprint. We closely connect the sales and marketing processes so that the two disciplines work according to a common goal. More customers - to sell to - over and over again...

Lead Tracking

Følg de digitale fodaftryk. Med lead tracking får du indsigt i dine leads adfærd på hjemmesiden og interesse for dine produkter. Se hvilke sider dine leads læser, om de læser dine mails og om de downloader dine filer.

Lead Scoring

Få overblikket over dine varme og kolde leads. Dine leads’ digitale fodaftryk, undersøges for købssignaler og systemet udregner prioriteret lister af varme leads. Du får automatisk besked om varme leads du kan gøre til nye kunder.

Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Send det rigtige budskab, til det rigtige lead, på det rigtige tidspunkt. Alt det er muligt, og alt kan automatiseres i kanalerne SMS, Email og Retargeting på Facebook. Systemet varmer automatisk godt op under kolde leads.

Customer Journey

See where your leads are in their Customer Journey and create relevant and personalized marketing that hits them where they have a need.


Get a full overview of which companies are visiting your website. This means that you can be more proactive in your sales.


Categorize leads into different segments or create dynamic rules that handle the segmentation for you automatically.

Social Media Profiling

We scan 35 social media sites and retrieve publicly available information and add it to the profile.

Retargeting Audience

Create targeted lists for follow-up with targeted messages on Facebook and other media.


Get a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers.

Lead scoring addon

Få flere leads med leadgenerering

Få en fast tilgang af nye kundeemner hver dag. 

Investigate any user and any action they have taken in real-time with a full timeline of all page views. 

See who visits important conversion pages, leaves a basket, searches for products, opens emails, interacts with other marketing channels, and when they recently visited the website. 

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

Få flere kvalificerede og varme leads

Varme leads er potentielle kunder, der er så langt i deres købsovervejelser, at de er klar til at gå i dialg med mulige leverandører. Her får du værktøjerne til at identificere varme leads, der besøger din hjemmeside og muligheden for at blive proaktiv i dit salg.

No more cold-calling

LeadScoreApp makes your sales work easier. Start each day with a list of businesses that you can turn into new customers. Here you will find companies that you know are qualified because they actively found your website and invested time in researching your products.

With a lead score model, you can specify that: product pages should have a high score; other product specific pages an intermediate score; and very general pages a small score. That way, with a points system, you will be able to see who your hot companies are and easily prioritize your precious time on the hottest companies.  

Perfekt timing på opfølgning

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that anyone interested in dialogue will fill out the contact form or click through to the contact page and call you. In LeadScoreApp, you'll find companies that are in the middle of a research phase, where it's perfect timing to offer them insight and clarification. You can see everything they've read on the website, so you can target your conversation correctly by looking at the visitor history.

Focus sales on hot leads

Lead scoring solves an important problem — it keeps your salespeople focused on your best leads, so they don't waste time on cold contacts. Lead scoring lets you prioritize your leads according to how ready-to-buy they are.

Today, 80% of purchase decisions have moved to websites where buyers read about the pros/cons of products, delve into specifications and look at user reviews. By monitoring which pages and types of content a lead reads on the website you can get an indication of how far a lead is in the buying process.

Do not lose leads and sales fall through the cracks

It doesn't matter when the follow-up on the offer happens. If you call too early, the customer has not read the offer and you will be greeted with "I will call you back if it becomes relevant".

If you contact the customer at the time he has just read the offer, then you might instead be greeted with "It looks interesting, but I have a question for ..."

The customer is ready to talk to a sales professional who can remove purchase blockages, create preferences and close the offer.

leadtracking graphics

Lead Generation Blog

It is important to have a newsletter when you are a B2B company. Learn how to create the optimal newsletter for your business. 

Psychology plays a bigger role in your B2B Sales than you think. If you understand the psychology behind your target audience, then it will be easier for you to build a close relationship with them.

Although some believe that email marketing is a dying marketing form, it is actually still the best way for companies to get in touch with their targetaudience.

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