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Automatic email marketing will make your newsletter a success

Automatic email marketing provides loyalty and satisfied customers

Automatic email marketing with our core lead scoring, lead tracking and marketing automation tools gives you an overview of what your leads want and when they need it.

The information LeadScoreApp collects through lead tracking and lead scoring is used to segment and profile your leads, so the marketing automation system can automatically identify which leads need which content and at what time.

Automatic email marketing provides a better user experience, greater opening rate, more clicks and far more conversions!


Use digital footprints to create real-time segmentation by interests


Use data to personalize email with targeted content and call-to-actions


Send the right message at the right time to the right recipient

Automatic email marketing

Customer Journey

With an overview of where your leads are on their customer journey, you will be able to customize your marketing to your customers' wishes and interests.

Marketing automation

E-mail Automation

Send value-added emails automatically with content based on the products and services your lead has been looking at on your website.

Dynamic segmentation


LeadScoreApp is the end of marketing impersonal and irrelevant content to the leads.  Create dynamic segmentation based on the behavior of the leads on your website.


Plug and play

LeadScoreApp tracks your leads on the website and uses their digital footprints to target, automate and personalize your campaigns in such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

It takes only a few minutes to connect your newsletter to LeadScoreApp.

Marketing by Customer Journey

Set up the customer stages in your purchase process. This lets you see how many customers are in each phase, and you can create targeted e-mail messages that are sent automatically when a customer gets stuck in a phase.

the digital customer journey
Lead scoring and profiling

Marketing by interest

Everything your leads do on your website helps to tell you what they're interested in. Here you can use our interest profiles to segment and automate targeted emails about the very interest that a lead scores highest on.

Marketing by behaviour

Follow your leads' behaviour on the website. See which pages they're looking at and how often they visit your website. Create targeted emails for the purchase signals they are giving and let LeadScoreApp automatically prioritize and send the best emails.

Lead scoring and lead tracking
Lead scoring

Use lead scoring to close sales

Use our lead scoring feature to get an overview of which leads are more likely to purchase. Based on this, you can create tasks for the sales department or set up your automatic email marketing and close sales with perfectly timed emails.

Automatic e-mail automation CRM

LeadScoreApp: A smarter way to do automated email marketing

Create even more value with your newsletters by sending them based on the lead's behavior, buying readiness and interests. LeadScoreApps automatically sends e-mail messages based on triggers that constantly check if the email content matches the lead.

Lead Generation Blog

The purpose of the newsletter is to build relationships with users, direct traffic to the website and create sales. Learn how to make targeted newsletters.

With Lead Scoring for MailChimp, it's now possible for you to send automatic emails to the right recipient at just the right time.  

There are many factors that come into play when making decisions, including whether we want to click on a call-to-action. 

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